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This is a community, completely and totally dedicated to Charles Wilbur Adams III. We know and love him merely as "Chuck". Either way, join, and appreciate the sass that is Mr. Adams.

--This is linked from the facebook group.
alan, andy, asexual, avoiding cockblockers, balls, beer, being alternative, being bland, being cute, being totally hot, ben folds, big richard, billy, birth marks, bitches, black, boners, brilliant brunette, brown hair, cell phones, chicks, choking bitches, chucks, clifton, cockblockers, coke, cool guys, crying in a corner, curly hair, cute, cutting people, danielle the christian, danielle the jew, dicks, dinosaur sex, dipstick, discover chicago, doing hookers, doing shit, doing stuff, doing things, doingcoke off hookers, dresses, drinking all the time, drugs, dudes, emily, eyeliner, fenders, fetus, fighting the system, fucking broads, fucking emily, fucking my roomate, fucking sluts, fucking your brother, fucking your mom, fucking your roomate, garden state, gary, gay pride, generalness, girls that wear eyeliner, giving, giving people marks, glasses, going down, gross things, guys that wear eyeliner, hard-ons, having friends shave me, heteros, hobos, hoes, homos, hookers, hott sluts, jack, jonny, laundry, licking pussy, lipstick, little men, little richard, little timmy, lovin liz, loving bitches, make up, making babies, making out, margaret, margarets hot wet underwear, men, michigan, mike, nails, nick, nik, nine inch nails, nirvana, no hair, not doing it, not doing myself, panties, pants, participating, pcp, philosophy, pot, pride, primus, pubic hair, pussy, putting down the man, razor blades, receiving, ron janusz, sadness, sass, sassiness, sex changes, shaving of my legs, shitting to ben folds, showgirls, slapping hoes, smashing pumpkins, sonic youth, spice girls, starbucks, straight edge, straight edgeness, straight hair, straight pride, stuff, stuffing, suckers, sucking cock, tanning, the poon, thirsty thursday, transies, tucker, vodka, watching, waxing, women, wookie sex, working out