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ITS 4am and chuck and i are being nostalgic... damnit

"i'm so excited i'm going to pass out!!!" - chuck
we're going to the white sox parade tomorrow... sister, friend, jon, danielle, and CHUCK! WHOA!

chuck  in a couple years from.... i think so...
he's chuck, but 20smthg, loves beer, and is english 103... yes he failed it that many times.
you see him walking down the street with a huge beer and boner and some dude whos 'straight' but wants to fuck him, and you think HOLY SHIT ITS CHUCK?! really? wow.... wow... 

and then something like this happens... holyshit!!!!

---i dont remember where i was going with this... or how this started... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mm mmmm mmmm mmm m mmmm mm mm mm mmmmm mmm m mmmm mmmmm mm mm mm m mm mm mm mmmmm mm mm mmmm morse code.

kljr;agrehg;ablkdhfga;wlkhirg;LWKHG; ALEIH GYW;Lkeshdvb;aueh;lwkhes;gCOCKFACEdfhtb;eklrjh;LSI;dlkadBONER_JUICEdadf;kdhfkjHdg;wlhr;sdkjhfg;oersu;sjioh;kj

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